Premium SketchBox Subscription

by ShopSketchBox

$35.00 $40.00

In each monthly Premium SketchBox you'll receive color curated art supplies, a video tutorial to follow along and create a finished piece of art, an inspirational piece of art from our featured artist, and 30 days of FREE access to augmented reality courses by CupixelOur premium box is the best way to experience the highest quality of new art mediums, materials, and tools. Use the supplies in the box and tag us on social media to have the chance to get your art printed on our boxes! We're the only monthly box that makes it not only easy, but fun to start or sprint on your art journey!


The specifics:

We prepare, build, and ship all of our monthly boxes at once to ensure our community is creating art with the same materials at the same time. That means we ship all of our monthly boxes as close to the 25th of each month as possible.

The date of the month that you purchase will be your renewal date. For example if you purchased a monthly subscription on the 4th of July, your monthly plan would renew on the 4th of August. Alternatively, if you purchased a 3 month prepaid plan on the 4th of the July, your 3 month plan would renew on the 4th of November(for the discounted rate of committing to a longer plan). 

We will provide a refund for your box as long it's requested before the 15th of the previous month which is when we start building the monthly boxes. For example a refund for the June box would need to be requested by the 15th of May. Once we reach the 15th we prepare your box for shipment and a refund will not be provided. If you're requesting a refund for a prepaid subscription you will receive a prorated refund for all boxes received at full price. Due to the surprise nature of our boxes, we do not provide refunds for any box that has shipped.

For further questions about our billing and shipping schedule, or anything else contact or visit our FAQ page.