Artists Choice Monthly Plans

SketchBox Artists Choice

How it works

  • Think like of it like a meal subscription, but for art supplies at a huge discount.
  • Every month you'll select new and unique supplies to explore and create with.
  • Your plan will renew every month on the date you signed up, for example if you ordered on November 7th, it would renew on December 7th.
  • 25 Days before hand you'll need to log into your account (there's a QR code on the insert in the box or go here) to pick your next selection of art supplies. If your renewal date is the 27th of the month for example you'll be able to select your next batch of supplies on the 2nd of each month. Please do this ASAP - we recommend setting a monthly reminder on your phone or calendar. If you don't select products we will send you a curated kit of our choice.
  • Due to the discount nature of this product and the fact that you will be selecting your own supplies we do not accept refunds. If you are missing an item or one is damaged we will however replace the item if we have stock (if not with something of similar value).