Winter Illustration Marker + Color Pencil Basic Box

by SketchBox

This month focuses on alcohol illustration markers and colored pencil! Our Basic box this month features a Copic Classic markers in New Blue, and two Graphic Sketch Marker from Marabu in Cerulean Blue and Paltho Deep Green. These alcohol-based markers are great for creating gradients and rendering form, and the colors included blend perfectly with one another. To add some highlights to your illustrations this month we included the Sakura Pen Touch in Metallic Silver. The unique nib on this pen offers a playful take on metallic pens. We also included two Goldfaber color pencils from Faber-Castell in Helioblue Reddish and Deep Cobal Green. These velvety smooth pencils are great for sketching, highlights, and layer well over the markers in this month's box. Finally, our surface this month is a custom Clairefontaine Manga Marker Pad. This 4x5.8" pad has 50 sheets and is perfect for markers, this smooth-textured paper is a favorite amongst manga and comic book artists. The brilliant white of this paper helps to showcase the marker colors in this box!