Schmincke Aqua Drop 30ml - Magenta

by ShopSketchBox


Schmincke Aqua Drop liquid watercolor uses lightfast, quality pigments in a fluid binder. The concentrated colors are water-soluble and water-thinnable. Aqua Drop colors act like drawing inks. But, unlike dye-based inks that are likely to fade with light exposure, Aqua Drop colors contain lightfast pigments.

Aqua Drop can be used straight from the bottle, with minimal water dilution, for the greatest pigment concentration. You can even add Aqua Drop colors to traditional watercolor paints. The liquid consistency of Aqua Drop helps relax tubed watercolor with less water.

Schmincke Aqua Drop's are ideal for watercolor painting, urban sketching, and calligraphy.

All Aqua Drop colors must be shaken before use! Each bottle contains a ball to help move settled pigment and ensure even distribution.

Aqua Drop is a watercolor and works best on watercolor papers and specially primed canvas.