Premium Gouache + Colored Pencil

by ShopSketchBox

This month is all about Gouache & Colored Pencils! This Premium box features hand ground gouache from Stoneground in the stunning color Blue Spruce. This box also includes three Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencils in juniper green, magenta and Indanthrene blue. These premium oil based colored pencils offer rich colors and smooth shading. For highlights, we included a Uchida Le Plume Marker in white, and a Kuretake Zig Acrylic Liner in gold. We also included a SketchBox Signature brush in a round size 6, and a pack of Rembrandt Rough Watercolor paper. This custom 4x6" paper is 100% cotton, 140lb it has a slight texture which helps to make colored pencil work a breeze while still being sturdy enough to handle the gouache in this box.