Pantone® x Royal Talens Illustration System Premium Box

by ShopSketchBox

This box features the brand-new refillable Talens X Pantone® illustration markers exclusively from SketchBox! We're their exclusive launch partner here in the USA , and they aren't available in stores until later this Summer. With these markers, Pantone® is the world's only brand able to truly claim the color you get is the color you create with! Royal Talens worked diligently to produce these pigment markers to Pantone®'s specific standards, so you know you're getting the best of the best!

Unlike traditional alcohol-based illustration markers, this brand-new marker, ink and paper system doesn't streak and allows you to layer colors rather than just blend. We have included four beautiful colors in 218, 114, 2572 & 304. In addition you will receive the Pantone marker ink in color 327, use this with the Princeton round size 4 brush in this box to create a range of values.  We have also included a Faber-Castell Grip pencil so you can sketch out your initial piece. Our surface this month was specifically designed to work with the markers, this 4x6 pad has 10 sheets of brilliant white paper that helps to show case the marker colors in this box.