Watercolor Powder Basic Box

by shopsketchbox

$10.00 $30.00
This month is all about watercolor powder! Our Basic box features a 3-set of SketchBox Signature watercolor powders in turquoise, grape, and orange. This powder is truly a magical medium that plays well with all wet media. The powders are made up of multiple pigments to create the final color. Mix with water to use as a watercolor or sprinkle it on a wet surface for a fun blooming effect! We've also included a 10ml tube of Van Gogh watercolor in opaque white which can be used to create a variety of tints or to add a little more opacity to the powder pigments. For outlines and detail work, we included a Copic Multiliner in lavender, .5mm. To put powder to paper we've included a SketchBox Signature filbert #4 brush. Finally, our surface this month is a custom 4x6" Magnani 1404 Portofino cotton pad.