Special Edition Gift Box

by ShopSketchBox

$79.99 $120.00

'Tis the season for our biggest box of the year!
We're back with another Special Edition Holiday themed box! Our special edition boxes allow us to ship more than we normally do in our monthly SketchBoxes and this box is no exception. It contains a massive $120+ value of art supplies that cover multiple mediums and are perfectly curated to work together! This year we've got an incredible video by Kat Stockton which is double the length of our normal monthly videos to cover all the incredible supplies in this box. She creates multiple pieces that you can follow along and create!So let's get into it! We've got a gold powder from one of our favorite brands at the moment - Schmincke! This stuff is magical, especially when you mix it with the Stoneground handmade watercolors to create a gorgeous reflective patina. We've also got multiple Copic markers, multiple brushes, a full set of super high quality colored pencils in a cute tin, and a truly unique 7" round 300gsm gluebound surface that's perfect for all the supplies in this extra special box. There's more, but we have to keep some stuff as a surprise!We listened to your feedback from last year, so this year we're doing things a bit differently. We'll be shipping this in a nondescript white box, so when it arrives at your door it wont be giving away the surprise if it's a gift for someone else in the household.