Tinted Graphite Pans Premium Box

by SketchBox

This month is all about Graphite Pans! This Premium box features 5 Gansai Tambi graphite pans from Kuretake in the colors, violet, green red, brown and yellow. These pans offer deep, tranquil colors with a matte texture and graphite finish. Dilute with water to achieve a variety of values. When polished gently with the backside of a spoon, these pans will reveal a metallic sheen similar to traditional graphite. This box also includes a set of Art Graf water-soluble graphite in 2B and 6B. These are great for your initial sketching or darkening areas, these 5mm core pencils can help to desaturate the pans in this box. For outlines, we included a Sakura Micron brush pen in Dark Grey. Perfect for line work, this waterproof brush pen offers a subtle effect when used in combination with the other materials in this box. We also included a SketchBox Signature flat shader size 4. This brush offers clean lines. Use a light hand and plenty of water to create smooth transitions with the Gansai Tambi pans. The surface this month is a custom 4x6 Rembrandt cold press water color pad. This 100% cotton 300gsm has 10 sheets, it is absorbent and perfect for water based media. Unlike most cold press paper, this surface has a fine texture which allows for crisp details.