SketchBox Sticker Pack of 24+ designs! [limited quantity]

by ShopSketchBox


Over the years we've accumulated a lot of sticker designs, and after multiple customer requests we decided to bundle them up for a one time purchase. Maybe you missed a month of SketchBox and really wanted that sticker, or maybe you didn't get the Special Edition box with a sticker you really wanted. Perhaps you just want a ton of SketchBox stickers from past boxes, well you're in luck! All of these contain our 7th year anniversary magnet too :) These are high quality vinyl stickers that can survive a run in the dishwasher if you were debating slapping them on a thermos.

Since we don't have the same amount left over for each design, these packs will vary slightly from the picture shown. Each pack will contain at least 24 different designs (that's over 2 years of SketchBox history you can slap on whatever you'd like)!