Grey Charcoal Basic Box

by ShopSketchBox


This Basic Box is all about teaching value! Inside this box, you'll find a Pacific Arc Compressed Charcoal 3pc set. Use the harder charcoal for light and distinctive marks, and the softer charcoal for your richest blacks. The next item in this box is the Rembrandt Pastel in Grey, which will help you bring objects to the foreground of your piece. To add fine details to your piece, we have included the Bruynzeel Pastel Pencils in Dark Grey and Black. Additionally, you will receive the General Pencil China Marker set in Black and White, which work great on top of the charcoal to create the darkest blacks and strongest whites. The SketchBox Signature Blending Stump 3 piece set in this box will help you make subtle transitions. To help with highlights or correct mistakes, we have included a Kneaded Eraser. This box also comes with a Pacific Arc Sharpener to sharpen your pastel pencils. Finally, our surface for this box is a custom Stillman & Birn Nova Series in the color grey. This 4x6 15-sheet pack is perfect for dry media, ink, and light washes. Its subtle texture is enough to grip the charcoal in this month's box while still allowing smooth blends.