Grab Bag

by shopsketchbox

$33.99 $70.00

Grab bags are back, and in COLOR!  We heard your feedback from the last round and came up with a way that you can purchase multiple bags at one time, since each color has different products in them!  The bags are also bigger and contain a surface in EVERY bag.  These make great gifts and contain the same quality products we include in our monthly boxes.  They're sold as-is and not eligible to be returned or refunded.  

So what are these colors all about?

Teal grab bag---What makes this bag worthy of our favorite color?  Some of our favorite items you may not expect!  Did someone say a full 12 set is in here?  Oops we did.

Purple grab bag--What makes the purple grab bag the one for you? All the colors, maybe even purple... Colored surfaces, full sets of color, and so much more. 

Black grab bag--The black grab bag has one of our most sought after surfaces, and some really experimental supplies. You feeling like an adventure?

Hot Pink grab bag--They don’t call it hot pink for nothing. This bag is hot hot hot! This bag contains one of our best selling items, multiple surfaces and more...