by ShopSketchBox


Daniel Smith Artist Masking Fluid is easy to use with the 5 included fine-point applicator tips or with an inexpensive brush. Masking fluid makes an impervious barrier to protect your watercolor paper and preserve the white areas by blocking watercolor washes from flowing into areas you don't want it to, leaving crisp, clean edges.

Daniel Smith Artist Masking Fluid is off-white but dries to a transparent caramel color so you can see it. It's an unobtrusive neutral while working on your painting. When dry, masking fluid is easy to remove with a rubber cement pick-up or with clean fingers. Be careful about leaving oils from your fingertips when rubbing off dried masking fluid, as the oils could interfere with new applications of watercolor.

Once the Masking Fluid has been removed, either keep the white areas white or add fresh watercolor into the preserved white area to retain maximum watercolor luminosity.

This masking fluid comes in a 1 oz. bottle.