SketchBox Hand Lettering Premium Box - Cool Tones

by shopsketchbox

This month is all about hand lettering! Our  Premium box features a Twin Brush set from Monami. This 6 piece set comes with dual-tipped markers that are great for lettering and fine details. The rubber nib is great for solid marks and varied line weights, and the color range allows for subtle transition and gradients. We've also included a Sennelier Ink Brush in intense green. This bristled ink brush is great for traditional calligraphy, creating texture, and fine details. To give this box a contrasting color choice, we included a LePlume II brush marker in suede. This marker includes a brush tip as well as a fine tip, allowing for variety and depth. For highlights, embellishments, and 3D effects, we included a white Ultra Fine Brush Pen by Kuretake Zig. This twist-activated brush pen is opaque and can be used over any of the markers in this month's box. Finally, we included a custom mixed media pad by Clairefontaine. This 4x6" pad includes 20 sheets of heavyweight bright white paper, allowing your art to really pop! The total MSRP of the items in this box is $62!